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XCOMfanatics relaunch coming!
You might not be as excited as we are - yet, but hopefully you will once the new site is released. We are working on a relaunch of coming in January 2016! Just in case - follow us on @XCOMfanatics.
We are on Twitter
Reviews & other articlesWe are on Twitter now! For a moment the alien domination that kept us from doing it has subsided - allowing us to start our own Twitter account! Follow us at @XCOMfanatics.
And another cutie joins the alien ranks!
A new alien has been revealed and it sure is a pretty one, too! Check it out here!
So, what are we going to fight?
Every now and then, a new enemy is revealed. Well, either new or 'evolved'. And wow, some sound terribly powerful now and will be hard to overcome! Here a short list of what - or who - we know so far: The Viper, the Sectoid, the football pro league Muton and our all time favourite: the Chryssalid! For human enemies, there is the Advent Stun Lancer. That guy sure means trouble! And even more deadly new or modified old enemies are to be revealed until the game is released February 2016.
Preorder XCOM2 on Steam now
XCOM2 can now be pre-ordered on Steam. The community appears to be slightly upset that the pre-order bonus is a mere skin set (that appears to be available as DLC anyway) and there are no discounts for players who already own a lot of XCOM games, as far as we can tell from the comments on steam so far.
XCOM 2 delayed to February 6th, 2016
X-ComIt looks like Advent is going to get a huge leg up - we only get to thwart their world-conquering (or conquest-solidifying) way next year!
Gamescom 2015: A short XCOM 2 report
Reviews & other articles On a visit to gamescom Peter Murray and Kevin Cho treated me to a preview of the strategy layer in XCOM 2. Let me just say: I am totally excited to play XCOM (out in November).
New Maps procedural and destructable
X-Com In a recent IGN Interview Jake Solomon and Garth DeAngelis revealed XCOM 2 to have procedural and destructable terrain, among other tidbits. You can find the interview Here. Clicky! There is also a new article about the procedural maps, here.
XCOM 2 Confirmed! And guess who's back: Snakemen!

Get hyped (even more)! XCOM 2 is confirmed and supposed to hit stores in November. The first Trailer makes it look like a scenario that's close to XCOM:Apocalypse (a very underestimated part of the series) with XCOM trying to liberate Earth after it has been taken over by ... other means. Now, let's wait for the E3 for more information. And i do not know how, but they managed to put Snakemen (yes, the real ones, not Thinmen) back into the game without them looking awkward. Instead they look awesome.
The plot thickens (EXALT likes this)

One day to go until the new ~thing~ is uncovered. The hints are plenty already, and now there is an ADVENT Facebook page, where you can find interesting followers liking things. Oh please be an awesome new XCOM 2!

Thanks to LDG, I noticed the website: Link and at first, I couldn't make much of the information there. But the more you scroll, follow the links and look into all the details, it hints very strong to a new XCOM game. Guys on reddit are already discussing the whole thing here. Stay tuned for more, according to the advent website, "the truth will be revealed in 2 days"!
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